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Payroll Software Suite

Source code is the key to extending the value of your investment in your SBT/Accpac/Sage Pro Series or Vision Point accounting software. You can rest assured that there is still a large and thriving community of end users, developers, and consultants dedicated to Pro Series and Vision Point - many of whom have grown up with the product and know it inside and out.
Our 2023 Payroll Software Suite supports 
SBT/ACCPAC/Sage Pro Series, versions 7.4 and above, and all versions of Vision Point 10. Older versions can be accommodated on an ad-hoc basis.
Here are the details: 

Federal Tax Update

The 2023 tax brackets were announced recently, which will result in adjustments to the schedules and/or formulas used to calculate federal withholding. The Social Security wage cap has been adjusted to $160,200, up from $147,000. Your subscription also includes W-2 printing and electronic filing, and improved code to support the 2020 W-4 format. The IRS is looking to sunset the previous withholding method based on allowances, and in response we've included a little toolkit that you can use to simplify the process of determining withholding for your employees.

The 941 form still contains the recently-added temporary lines for information related to pandemic relief, adjusted slightly due to the expiration of some programs. We support the traditional (permanent) fields which can be combined with your additional figures and submitted online. Unemployment wage limits and minimum wage rates are also updated for all supported states, and a utility is included to manage W-2 Box 12 Health Insurance cost reporting.


State Tax Updates

More and more states are adding requirements in addition to state income tax withholding, including various state and local assessments for transit taxes, training taxes, and paid family/medical leave. Many states are also beginning to require e-filing for employers with as few as 25 employees. Because all of these states are not needed by all subscribers, we have broken out the state updates as separate products. Four states - CA, OR, WA, and CT - are more complex than the others and are priced separately. For the six states - TX, NH, FL, NV, TN, WY - that have no withholding requirements, no state update is necessary. We support six states for Vision Point and 23 states for Pro Series. Other states can be accommodated as needed.


EEO-1 Report

This report aggregates your employee wage data by wage bracket and ethnic origin. It was originally designed by the federal government, but its implementation is currently on hold. That didn't stop California from adopting it for its own use, though, and it's required this year for CA employers with 100 or more employees. This is a one-time code purchase; future code updates will be included with the CA state tax subscription. 


The IRS has revised the 1099-MISC and created a new form, 1099-NEC, that's used exclusively for reporting Non-Employee Compensation. If you use Accounts Payable and issue 1099s to independent contractors, you'll need this product. 

ACA Data Manager

There are several new Offer Codes related to HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) coverage. The affordability threshold has changed slightly, and we have added some guidance to help with code selection. The reporting deadline this year is March 1, and forms must be furnished to employees by March 2. E-filing is required for employers with 250 or more employees to report.

Installation and Maintenance Service
During our initial installation, we will:

  • establish a remote connection to your system, using Team Viewer remote control software.

  • analyze your existing configuration to ensure compatibility.

  • document your specific needs, including any prior modifications or unique payroll requirements.

  • install a copy of your system (with redacted data) on our servers to facilitate testing and troubleshooting.

  • install the update and test the results.

We will also provide support as needed when you run your first 2023 payroll.
Subsequent updates will be installed via remote access as they are released.

The standard installation package covers up to 2.5 hours of labor. Any unused time will be available throughout the year for additional services or training. Any additional time needed will be invoiced at our standard rates. 

Installation can be scheduled outside of business hours to avoid downtime.

We also include free consultation on payroll best practices at time of installation.

Click below for 2023 pricing:

2023 Payroll Tax Update and ACA Data Manager Price List - click here

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