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Pro Series Add-ons and Enhancements

AutoRelease for Pro Series

Automatically releases data to the GL on a user-defined schedule.

Daily confirmation message and event log, resets with a single click.

Page in Progress


Enhances the Pro Series Accounts Payable module to allow printing or e-filing in the 1099-NEC format.

This form is now required for reporting Non-Employee Compensation.

Other payments (rents, royalties, attorney fees, etc) are still supported on the 1099-MISC.

Who Bought What, and When?

Enter a range of item numbers and see who has purchased those items between the dates you select.

Browse the results on screen or print the list. 

Optionally marks those customers' CODE field so that labels and reports can be printed selectively.

Positive Pay

Create a list of Accounts Payable or Payroll checks to upload to your bank

for verification of authenticity and fraud protection.

We have many more enhancements for Pro, please inquire if you see a need for improvement to any aspect of the program. 

Connections to other systems (bank, time clocks)

Simplified input screens for invoices or payments


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