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About CDM Associates Inc

C. Darryl Mattison founded CDM Associates Inc. in 1988 to sell, support, and customize business accounting software for a variety of clients, from small firms to $100M enterprises. Since that time we have developed value-added software for manufacturers,  distributors,  regional airlines,  printers, advertising agencies, professional firms, and others. 

CDM is first and foremost a consulting firm, and our mission is to work with you to create powerful, cost-effective solutions that are the best possible fit for your business. We advise our clients on business process workflow,  best practices, and  strategic use of technology assets.  


We strive to become your trusted advisor, often acting as an outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO).  We are also experienced at integrating systems across a variety of software and data formats, data mining/analysis, and quality assurance. 
CDM offers you a well-connected, experienced, and highly skilled group of experts. Clients depend on us to get to know their business well. They turn to us to take the lead on solving problems and building systems that help them grow quickly and efficiently, and they take full advantage of the resources we have available. The software tools that we use have the ability to adapt to your business requirements and to be integrated easily into a seamless, enterprise-wide solution. 


We look forward to helping you grow your business by leveraging your accounting software and other business systems. Get in touch with us today at 



About C Darryl Mattison

Darryl is a professional computer consultant with over three decades of hands-on experience with computer system design, development, and deployment. He graduated from the State University of New York (aka SUNY IT) Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Computer Science in 1985. During this time he was also Director of the Software division at REON Corporation, Utica, NY. There he acquired the dealership for SBT software (the original Sage Pro and Vision Point) and deployed accounting systems for clients on CP/MUnix, and MS-DOS operating systems.

Darryl then became Controller/IT Director at March Systems, Inc. in Utica NY. In addition to the standard duties of the Controller position, he developed in-house customized operational software, integrating delivery operations with billing system and hazardous material compliance documents. He created status reports and gave financial presentations to bankers and company board members. He also served on the board as company treasurer.
He then launched CDM Associates Inc in 1988 to leverage his growing expertise in business system design and programming. Over the years CDM has helped over 150 small businesses realize their potential through the development and integration of innovative software solutions.
Darryl is known as one of the leading experts in his niche, and often consults with other professionals to help them solve more challenging issues for their clients. He has contributed white papers and been featured as a speaker at various industry conferences throughout his career. He has also advised attorneys on forensic matters, and has been known to write the occasional guest editorial in the local newspaper.
When he’s not consulting businesses on their accounting systems, you’ll probably find him playing drums at concerts and recording studios in central NY and beyond, or contributing to various online discussion groups. He lives in Utica, NY with his wife Linda. Their children are successful graduates of Skidmore College and St Lawrence University.


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