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Business Process Consulting

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Let us help you design more efficient workflows and

extract maximum value from your accounting software.

Imagine leveraging your current accounting system in new and powerful ways, getting more out of your software than you ever thought possible. If you are asking yourself, “is my business as efficient as it could be?”, or if you’re following time-consuming procedures simply because, “we’ve always done it that way,” we can help. We know the secrets to data mining that analyzes sales, inventory, expenses, and finances. We’ll teach you how to use your information as a strategic tool to guide the growth of your business. You’ll improve efficiency, free up time for more sales, and increase capacity.
For example, we often find companies printing two or three copies of documents, only to stuff them away in a filing cabinet “just in case they’re needed.” We see skilled people spending too much time on unskilled or semi-skilled tasks. When employees have a question on a document they frequently have to get up and find it rather than get an answer from their desktop. Let us show you a better way.


When Was the Last Time You Looked at Your Operations in Depth? 

We can help you optimize performance by quickly finding the information you need to manage your business’s growth.  Then we’ll determine the best manner in which to present it and set up a reporting schedule that will bring consistency and discipline to your analysis effort. Our transformative Data Mining techniques include:

Sales and Inventory Analysis

  • In today’s digital economy with customers’ buying habits changing on a dime, real time data on sales trends is essential. We’ll help you discover and quantify adjustments in your product mix, seasonal variances, increases or decreases in average sales amount, average margin and more. And you’ll identify your top 10 customers in any chosen time period.

  • Our inventory management will divide your stock into A, B, and C items and manage accordingly. We’ll set up a good set of reorder levels and a feedback mechanism or process to make adjustments as soon as they are warranted.

Expense Analysis

  • Measuring the effects of your marketing and advertising allows you to get the right sales messages out to where your customers will see them.

  • Using your workforce efficiently takes accurate labor reporting. For example, what is it costing you to put that sales rep into the field? Your accounting software can help.

  • And not only your workforce, but are your expenses allocated properly among departments?

Financial Analysis 

  • To monitor your performance on a regular basis, we’ll develop a set of “critical figures.” Not just your inventory, payables and receivables, but formulas and ratios that express things like cash flow, labor to material ratios, sales performance as a function of selling expenses, and more. 

  • We’ll make sure your customers are paying you in a timely manner. You’ll know how many days’ sales you have in A/R, and you can monitor that metric over time as you work to reduce it. Also, are you paying bills too quickly? Are you taking or losing prompt payment discounts?

  • We’ll help you get a set of comprehensive, accurate, and easy to read reports to support your business optimization efforts. This information should be extracted as efficiently as possible. We make sure you don’t miss out on critical information because it’s too hard to gather and assemble. And you’ll have a good way to measure return on investment.

  • If you suffer from a substandard presentation of this information because your accounting system isn’t flexible enough to allow customization, we can offer you one that does.

Design and Exception Reporting

  • We can show you how to present your information in a way that is visually understood via well-designed charts and graphs, in color.

  • Do you make use of exception reporting to save time? The concept behind exception reporting is that you tell the computer system to warn you when certain conditions occur, such as abnormally high or low sales, costs, etc. If everything is running as expected, no report (or a negative report for your assurance) is generated. Most accounting systems are limited in their ability to generate this kind of information. We are very good at it.


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