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ACA Data Manager 

Affordable Care Act compliance software

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The ACA Data Manager is a utility that helps you track and maintain the data required for the 1095 forms that most employers need to distribute to their employees and file with the IRS. It imports the employee data from your payroll system and uses a company template to set up your forms in such a way that a minimal amount of review and editing is required. It works with any payroll system that is capable of exporting its employee table into a common format like CSV, DBF, text, or Excel. This is a vast improvement over systems that require you to key in all of the data for every employee.

Your subscription covers two versions, one for reporting 2023 information, and one that allows you to maintain your 2024 data on a monthly basis. It also includes several calculators and other informative advice to help you navigate the complexities of compliance. Forms must be distributed and delivered by March 1, 2024, and the Data Manager is available now for subscribers who are just starting to gather their 2023 information. Many employers prefer to distribute the 1095s to their employees along with their W-2s, which are due by January 31.

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2024 Payroll Tax Update and ACA Data Manager Price List - click here

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