Add-Ons and Enhancements

Rapid Payroll Prep™
If you have departments at multiple locations, use timeclocks that don’t link to your payroll software, or spend too much time entering and reviewing payroll data, then Rapid Pay can make life easier. 


Time Accrual on Check StubThis enhancement shows the employee accruals and remaining balance for sick, vacation, and personal time on the check stub. Many states now require this.


Washington State Paid Family Leave This enhancement includes a guide to setting up the PFL withholding, a printed report, and an export file that can be uploaded to the state web site. 

AP/PR Check Register
If you use the same checking account for Accounts Payable as for Payroll, you may benefit from our Combined AP/PR Check Register. This is a check register report that lists checks written in both modules in one report. Saves a lot of effort with bank reconciliation!

California DE9 Solution
This is a utility that extracts the employee list and data required for the quarterly California DE9 report into a format that can be submitted to the state using third party software from eSmart.

New York NYS-45 Form
Quarterly form required of all NY employers to list employees, wages, and UI insurance due. This prints the return in a format that may be submitted directly. The more employees you have the more time you save.

Email Direct Deposit Advice
This add-on utility allows you to email or fax direct deposit pay stubs to your employees as password-protected PDFs. It also archives each stub in a folder for later reprint or review.



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